How to find the perfect workout for any mood

So many classes – but how do you decide which workout is the perfect fit for the day? We say you may choose entirely based on your mood, or rather, what mood you’re aiming for. So why not kill two birds with one stone: have fun doing your workout and toning your body while achieving a certain energy level, which you can then use as fuel for the rest of the day.

woman working out infant of the VAHA fitness mirror

Boost mood your with a dance workout 

Research shows that dancing improves your coordination and focus, connecting the body, mind and brain. Researchers have discovered that rhythm activates areas of the brain responsible for processing language, and it releases happiness hormones such as dopamine and endorphins. Also, dancing stimulates the natural instinct to play, often suppressed or simply not pursued by adults. In fact, dancing can reduce stress hormones, stimulate the brain to create neural connections, grow the brain’s volume, and increase our general well-being. Feeling a little off your game? Then join one of our V/Dance classes and shake off the stress of everyday life.

Get energized with a yoga session

Not feeling up to it without coffee in the morning? How about a yoga session instead? Yoga focuses on the synchronization of breath and movement. The key is that the motion should follow the breath and not the other way around. Through flowing movements, twists, backbends and the sun salutation, you can get yourself going at any time of the day and elevate to a more energetic level. Try starting your morning with one of our V/Flow sessions and see if you even need the caffeine kick afterwards.

Release stress with a HIIT workout

With HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), you reach your peak performance for a short time period, followed by a resting phase. These alternations mean your heart has to keep adapting, making it more flexible and therefore more adaptable to stress. In fact, studies show that HIIT training improves the cardiovascular system. Plus, you get a good boost of endorphins, which counteract that stressed-out feeling. If you’re at a loss for words, hop into one of our V/Burn workouts. A little tip: shouting during your workout to release all that tension can help too 😉

woman meditating infant of the VAHA fitness mirror
man boxing in front of the VAHA fitness mirror

Get rid of bad vibes with a round of cardio

Is nothing going your way today? Cardio training is an absolute miracle cure for increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters that counteract anxiety and depression, which is why it is also known as the happiness hormone. Just 15 minutes of cardio exercise a day can significantly lift your mood. So if you’re feeling blue, get on the mat and work out – for example, in one of our V/Sweat classes.

Empty your mind with a Pilates session

Pilates workouts are the perfect mix of cardio, flexibility and strength training. They promote a good posture and strengthen the deeper layers of your muscles while at the same time helping you to cope with stress. Since the exercises are usually quite challenging, Pilates is a great way to clear your head when you’re lost in thought or brooding. You’ll be so focused on the exercises and your shaking legs that there won’t be any room left for unwanted thoughts. So next time you’re in a mental loop, slip a round of V/Pilates in between and redirect your energy to treating yourself with some positive vibes.

Unwind with meditation

During the day, we are usually bombarded with countless impulses. We are constantly multitasking, always available, and have difficulty keeping up with our various appointments and deadlines. So before going to sleep in the evening, it’s best to first bring our body and mind from a “fight or flight” mode to one of “rest and digest”. Meditation works wonders for this, allowing body and mind to unwind and arrive in the present moment. Let go of the day with a round of V/Meditate to set a calm atmosphere and end the day with a good night’s sleep! 


Did you already spot a workout that fits your mood today? If you’re still unsure, you can find all the information about our classes here and check out our current live class schedule. See you on the yoga mat!

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