VAHA x bellicon: effective cardio workout with a mini trampoline

Cardio training can have many positive health benefits for your body. It strengthens your cardiovascular system and blood circulation, burns many calories, and provides a hefty dose of endorphins. Yes, a cardio workout can be quite the challenge – but what if building stamina is no longer “dreadful” but simply fun? Well, we have great news for both cardio enthusiasts and those who want to become one: You can now experience cardio training with the bellicon® trampoline directly on your VAHA! Our exclusive bellicon Bootcamp* takes you through 4 weeks of action-packed interval training for effective fat burning, lean muscle building and a whole lot of fun. At the same time, your VAHA tracks your calorie consumption and heart rate and provides you with valuable insights into your training progress. In this article, you can find out what working out with the bellicon® looks like, its advantages and why it is so much fun.  

*[Please Note: The bellicon Bootcamp is currently only available in German].

Frau trainiert mit dem VAHA Fitnessspiegel und dem bellicon Trampolin

How does exercising with the bellicon® trampoline work?

Working out on a trampoline is much more than just frantic bouncing. With the bellicon®, you can jog as light as a feather, improve your balance and flexibility, do a variety of cardio, strength and agility training or take a break with a session of yoga or meditation. The workout itself is called “rebounding” and pretty straightforward. During strength training, you benefit from the gentle effect of the flexible bungees and mats, which enable a low-impact yet demanding workout. When jumping on the trampoline, your muscles react to the change in gravity and weightlessness: first by tightening, then by relaxing. This movement makes them stronger, in the most efficient way: as many as 656 muscles are activated while rebounding on the bellicon®! And a cardio workout will really get your metabolism going, which is why you should make sure to increase the intensity slowly at the beginning. You should also drink enough and have a quick cool down after the workout to benefit fully from its positive effects.

What is the benefit of rebounding?

One of the most significant benefits of rebounding is that jumping on a mini-trampoline stimulates the metabolism and cardiovascular system and gives you a full-body workout while still being gentle on the joints. It also activates all 656 muscles in your body (including the intrinsic muscles), releases endorphins and strengthens your bones. Various studies have shown that rebounding can relieve the spine, strengthen the back and improve your balance. This type of plyometric training is the most effective method to improve your jumping ability, agility, sprint speed, and motor skills and is also used by astronauts

The advantages of rebounding at a glance:

  • Fun factor: Rebounding is easy, motivating and release endorphins.
  • Easy on the joints: Less pressure on your back and joints for effective full-body training without additional pain. 
  • Calming: The vibrations of the trampoline have a calming effect on the body, joints and mind.
  • Quick success: Even short training stimulates your cardiovascular system and metabolism, you lose weight, and your stamina improves.
  • For everyone: Training with the bellicon® rebounder is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.
  • Variety: Endurance, strength and coordination training in one!
Aktiviere alle Muskeln wie bellicon Trainerin Julia.

The bellicon Bootcamp with VAHA

Our bellicon Bootcamp* is an absolute novelty. Never has there been such a unique, functional Bootcamp with the bellicon® trampoline, neither in the studio nor on bellicon® on-demand. Together with bellicon® trainer Julia we developed the programme to ensure you can achieve the maximum results. Exclusively on your VAHA, you can experience 4 weeks of functional interval training with the bellicon® mini trampoline, using any rope strength you like. The training is a full-body functional exercise programme, and the sessions gradually become more complex each week. While working out, you will get instant feedback from the VAHA heart rate monitor and can track your progress in detail. By the end, you will see clear improvements for lower body, upper body and core. Also, there will be exclusively curated Spotify playlists and the option of a partner workout. The Bootcamp alternates between cardio and strength sessions, meaning you train with both the trampoline and weights, not only working on definition and muscle building but also burning calories!

From 27.09.21, you can find the bellicon Bootcamp* in the on-demand section on your VAHA. Are you still missing a bellicon® trampoline to get you into the cardio fun? Then take a look here. By the way: If you are not yet part of the VAHA community, you can test VAHA at home with our 30-day free trial and check out all our programmes.  

*[Please Note: The bellicon Bootcamp is currently only available in German].

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