VAHA X or VAHA S? Here’s How to Find the Right VAHA!

It’s finally here: the VAHA S, a small but mighty alternative to our original VAHA X. Any space, anywhere – you can now choose the perfect VAHA for your life (and your home). To help you decide, we’ve put together a rundown of everything you do need to know.

VAHA X: bigger screen, bigger impact

For the ultimate VAHA experience, choose the VAHA X. On the large 43″ Full HD touchscreen, your instructors and personal trainers look utterly life-like and turn your home workout into a blockbuster movie. Built with a powerful sound system, you can crank up your Spotify playlist and immerse yourself in your training. The sleek, elegant design will elevate any room. A floor stand is included free of charge, so you can set up your VAHA anywhere you like. With the VAHA X you can enjoy the benefits of a high-class gym and your own personal trainer, in the comfort of your home. Kick-start your fitness journey and order it today!

VAHA X: is it right for you?

The VAHA X is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy life-sized fitness and have enough space in your home for a mirror measuring 170 x 62 x 4.2 cm. Thanks to its large screen, the VAHA X is fantastic for shared family workouts. (And don’t forget: with just one membership, you can create up to 5 free profiles, so your whole family can get involved!)


VAHA S: small but mighty

Smaller, lighter, cheaper: the VAHA S has all the fitness features and technology of the VAHA X – but in a lightweight format. At a slim 27kg, it can be placed elegantly and unobtrusively in small spaces or mounted on the wall (but please have a professional check first whether your wall is suitable for this). With a 32-inch touchscreen, the VAHA S creates an immersive training experience, with a slightly smaller picture and quieter sound than the VAHA X. It still has all the powerful features of the VAHA X. You can enjoy the live workouts or browse through the on-demand class library, which has an ever-growing list of 1,000+ workouts. And, of course, with the VAHA S, you can also receive monthly support from your personal trainer.

VAHA S: is it right for you?  

Choose the VAHA S if you want to experience the full VAHA X package, in a smaller format. Measuring 150 x 50 x 4.2 cm, the VAHA S will fit perfectly in any room.

Choose your VAHA!

Whichever VAHA you choose, you’ll receive a 100% custom-tailored training programme to help you smash your goals and feel stronger, fitter and more healthy than ever before. Ready? Then sign up here and start your fitness journey in the comfort of your home.

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