Everything you need to know about VAHA: Who we are and what we do

Learn more about the story of VAHA and how training with the VAHA fitness mirror works. We’ll tell you all you need to know and more in this article. 

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Frau trainiert mit dem VAHA Fitness-Spiegel
Body & Mind

Boosting Your Health: 6 Simple Tips to Support Your Immune System

Your immune system works 24/7 to protect you against viruses and fight off illnesses. Especially during the flu season in autumn and winter, it has…

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Frau trainiert mit dem VAHA Fitnessspiegel und dem bellicon Trampolin

VAHA x bellicon: effective cardio workout with a mini trampoline

Cardio training can have many positive health benefits for your body. It strengthens your cardiovascular system and blood circulation, burns many calories, and provides a…

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5 Pro-Inflammatory Foods You Should Avoid

Inflammation is a process in which the body fights things that harm it, such as infections or toxins. Should this process continue for too long,…

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Woman holding her fists up in a boxing position.

Change Bad Habits and Develop Healthy Routines with Flow

It isn’t easy to change old habits. In order to get excited about personal progress and celebrate milestones, we first need routines. They help us…

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Train with style: VAHA wins the Red Dot Design Award 2021

Look good or perform well? VAHA can do both! For its successful combination of design and function, VAHA has now been awarded the Red Dot…

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VAHA-Gründerin Valerie Bures-Bönström mit ihrer Tochter.

Female leadership, athletes and flow: An interview with our founder

The latest “Role Model” campaign by Barbie [1] confirms that powerful women have become the new “it” girls. Instead of blonde hair and questionable body…

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