Everything you need to know about VAHA: Who we are and what we do

Learn more about the story of VAHA and how training with the VAHA fitness mirror works. We’ll tell you all you need to know and more in this article. 

VAHA stands not only for one-to-one digital personal training at home but also for one of the most motivating and effective ways to achieve your personal fitness goals. With VAHA, you get into a fitness flow and access your full potential. But how exactly can we achieve this effect?

What does VAHA mean?

VAHA, or better said vahā’a comes from Punjabi – one of 179 languages in India and Pakistan – and translates as ‘flow’. Hence our name, which not only contains a whole philosophy but also the desire to make the flow experience accessible to everyone. And the concept of flow is not an invention of ours – it has been researched by scientists all over the world for decades. One of the leading representatives among them is Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has explained the principles of flow in numerous books.

What exactly is flow?

From an early age on, we are told to believe that success is only possible through great effort and privation. At VAHA we believe the contrary: success through an effortless, happy and fulfilled journey – through the flow state. This is the state in which we are the most productive while simultaneously being incredibly satisfied. When we’re in flow, it feels like what we’re doing is easy and requires little or no additional resources. Professor Csikszentmihalyi even goes so far as to say that in the state of flow consciousness, we experience real happiness. We are then entirely absorbed in our activity and feel neither bored nor overly challenged but perfectly balanced. And the good news is that anyone can learn how to get into the flow state.

Who is behind the idea of VAHA?

The founder of VAHA is Valerie Bures-Bönström, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Germany. Valerie, a native Berliner who studied computer science, became known in 2003 as co-founder and shareholder of the fitness studio chain Mrs. Sporty. At that time she was just 24 years young. A little later, she founded Pixformance Sports GmbH, creating an unprecedented concept among digital solutions on the fitness and health market. The Pixformance stations relieve therapists from individually instructing their patients because they can create personalised training plans with digital feedback, and computer-aided therapy provides highly effective and comfortable support during the patients’ recovery. VAHA is at its core simply a clever development of this idea, making it available to everyone. Valerie’s aim: to pave the way for people to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Her passion is to create smart innovations that support people and help them achieve their dreams – and VAHA is a big part of this aim.

A personal trainer incorporated into a smart mirror. What does this mean?

You can imagine VAHA like a mirror that also has the special property of knowing you and your needs pretty well and bringing you to your best athletic performance with ease. To put it in detail: With VAHA we created a digital trainer who takes care of your athletic goals and your diet, tailored to your exact needs and in the comfort of your own home.

How does personal training work with VAHA?

First of all, VAHA captures important information about your training experience, your state of health, and your living conditions. In addition, your current fitness level is determined by certain test exercises that you perform in front of the VAHA. Based on all this information, the personal trainer creates a training plan tailored to your needs and sets a goal based on your wishes. During the workout, VAHA supports you live with the correct execution of all your exercises using digital animations. VAHA corrects you, motivates you, and provides you with the latest and most relevant information and expert tips on everything to do with body, mind, and nutrition.

Does VAHA always adapt my training to my current fitness level?

Absolutely! After every single session, you have the opportunity to rate it and let your personal trainer know about your progress. VAHA can adjust your plan at any time, give you digital feedback and sustainably intensify your training experience. Thus, you train not only in a variety of ways but also effectively.

What types of training are possible with VAHA?

The VAHA training concept is holistic and therefore covers an enormous range of different types of training. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State), for example, are the ideal combination for your endurance training, with which you revitalize your cardiovascular system. Special strength units were developed to improve your posture or to build up muscles in a targeted manner. Whether you want to train mobility, balance and flexibility, or specifically want to reduce joint pain –  you will find a good and comprehensive program tailored to your goal. In short: VAHA is ideally equipped for any needs.

What does VAHA look like?

Very good. In terms of design, we went for a puristic, high-quality look made of glass, aluminium and steel, which fits into every interior. 

What technical details does VAHA contain?

VAHA has a full HD wide-angle camera from Sony and a 43 inch HD touchscreen. This ensures that you always have a full view of yourself during your training and that all exercises are displayed in a comfortable size. You can communicate with your personal trainer via two speakers or listen to the music on your Spotify playlist during the workout.  Via your smartphone, you can easily control the music and much more – for example, the practical calendar and reminder function. VAHA is compatible with iOS and Android and can also be connected to a wide variety of fitness trackers and many other gadgets via WLAN or Bluetooth.

And what about my privacy?

Don’t worry, it stays private! VAHA naturally has a camera cover and microphone deactivation. Your privacy is thus preserved at all times.

VAHA stands for your personal fitness flow – a happy, energetic life. To do this, we adapt the challenges of your workouts to your skills and needs. This is how progress and motivation become your new companions.

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