Personal training – the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals

Working out with a personal trainer means more safety and efficiency for your workouts. But getting coached by an expert also has a number of other benefits that will help you reach your fitness goals with ease.

When it comes to the cross-section of your personal fitness goals and their successful implementation, there is no better way to get there than with personal training. Anyone who has ever treated themself to this unique way of working out knows that after only a few sessions, the old adage “you can do anything if you want to,” becomes reality. But what is it that makes personal training so efficient and time-saving? And why are we more prone to sticking to this type of fitness routine?

The best choice when you’re serious about getting fit

The idea that personal trainers are merely a luxury for Hollywood stars and other celebrities has long been a thing of the past. These days, more and more people are treating themselves to sessions with personal trainers once or several times a week to reach a variety of fitness goals. Some train for the next marathon, or to get back on track after an injury, while others do it to simply lose weight and integrate more exercise into their everyday lives. In any case, personal training can be a wise decision if we’re serious about our ambitions and want to follow a plan as quickly and purposefully as possible.

Janika Merz – the thoroughbred athlete at VAHA

As a former professional cheerleader, Janika has high standards for the quality of personalised, healthy and sustainable training –  standards that she combines in herself as a personal trainer. Janika is part of the VAHA personal trainer team and has longstanding experience in supporting her clients in the pursuit of their goals.

The advantages of personal training

Janika’s appeal to anyone who wants to make a change and adopt a healthy, goal-oriented workout routine is this: Know your fitness level and personal abilities. Outline realistic goals for yourself, align training and nutrition and train under professional guidance. 

As a personal trainer at VAHA, Janika knows the advantages of all-around support during a workout, as well as the advantages of VAHA as a clever technical addition to personal training sessions. She has summarised these for us:

1. The training is tailored to your exact needs

As the name suggests, personal training is all about your individual goals, with the personal trainer tailoring your training program to your exact abilities. This is important, since, as Janika knows, “the needs of a client and what he wants aren’t always the same”. A personal trainer recognises what physical skills you can build on, what your strengths and weaknesses are and takes all of this into account while creating an effective and injury-free workout for you. Janika: “A good trainer listens to what the client wants, but also recognises what the client needs at that moment. And that means that the workout is always both adapted and effective.”

2. Your motivation is higher

Because you have a partner who regularly monitors your progress and works together with you on your goals, the motivation to stay on track is much greater than when working out alone. Two factors play a particularly important role, as Janika knows: “Many clients primarily look forward to spending time with their personal trainer and feel more fulfilled from the workout as a result.” If we enjoy doing something, we are intrinsically motivated to make it a regular part of our daily routine – and it becomes a beloved habit. “It spurs you on a lot to prove to your trainer that you can achieve something”, as Janika puts it. The commitment to another person increases discipline and the sense of achievement feels much greater after the trainer’s praise.

3. You learn from an expert’s experience

The web is a jungle of confusing, false, and contradictory information when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Therefore, you should not be misled by false promises or dangerous half-knowledge. This is where you benefit from the expert experience of a personal trainer. You can recognise a good personal trainer by the fact that he or she is always up to date with the latest research in his or her field, Janika reveals: “In sports science there are constantly new findings, which is why it is essential that trainers regularly continue their education and strive to understand the human body even better.” This is also a selection criterion for personal trainers at VAHA. Our instructors are all proven experts in their field who regularly attend further training courses in order to provide you with competent and effective advice on fitness and nutrition.

4. You gain flexibility in terms of time and space

When and where you train is important for developing a healthy workout routine.  If you have to travel far to get to the gym or are often pressed for time because of work or household responsibilities, you’ll quickly lose your rhythm and motivation.  VAHA removes all of that time pressure. There’s also no more worrying about a full classroom. You decide when your training begins. This flexibility regarding time and space also convinced Janika: “Training with a device like VAHA is incredibly time-efficient, both for the client and the trainer. I also feel that the work is much more personal as the client stays in a familiar surrounding but still keeps a healthy distance from me.”

5. You get an overview of your personal development

There is hardly anything that inspires us more than the certainty that we are constantly getting better at what we do. VAHA offers you a detailed overview of your progress and stage victories. Since VAHA knows you, your body, and your development prognosis, it’s able to tell you where you stand at any time.

6. You don’t need to be afraid of doing something wrong

“Many people are afraid of doing something wrong and risking an injury,” Janika explains. Often this fear then also keeps us from working out. Under the watchful eye of your personal trainer and the real-time digital feedback that your VAHA offers you when training alone, such fears are unnecessary. Your training not only becomes easier but much safer as well.

7. You reach your goals

A goal is within reach when the path to it becomes a beloved habit. This is when every step that we take is highly motivated and with the feeling that we will never be under or overstrained. A personal trainer will challenge you just the right amount by tailoring your training schedule to your individual skillset. With VAHA, your training never feels like a chore. Instead, it feels like an exclusive me-time that you’re happy to treat yourself to. That’s because it moves you forward, makes you better, and fulfils you. This is exactly how successful people achieve their goals – with joy, motivation, and Flow.


Janika is a truly passionate athlete. After her career as a professional cheerleader, she studied fitness economics and is now both a personal trainer and certified nutritionist.  For Janika, the best thing about her job is being able to experience her clients’ achievements first-hand and supporting them in accomplishing their goals. Her favourite mantra: “What gets measured gets mastered!” As a former competitive athlete, she places special emphasis on her coaching sessions on promoting your health and performance based on the latest sports science principles and creating a sustainable fitness programme for you.

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