VAHA & Garmin: A collaboration that’s all about your progress

The smart technology of VAHA. The connectivity of Garmin®. Together offering you a unique fitness experience where every movement counts. 

VAHA and Garmin are joining forces to awaken a new movement of fitness that lets you move with intention and joy every day. 

Here’s what you can expect from this exciting collaboration…


What will the collaboration give you?

As a new VAHA member, you’ll now get a Garmin voucher when you complete your first free month of VAHA membership. You’ll be able to redeem this on the Garmin website for a free heart rate monitor or put it towards other selected Garmin devices, redeemable by you within 30 days of receiving it.

VAHA & Garmin Connect

Connecting your VAHA to your Garmin device

All Garmin devices can connect to your VAHA via Bluetooth.

So if you’ve got a Garmin heart rate monitor, you can pair it in just a couple of clicks, then track your heart rate live during any workout.

From mid December: Integrate Garmin Connect with your VAHA Journey.

Get even more accurate training insights by connecting your VAHA to Garmin Connect. Now, along with your monthly training plan, your VAHA Journey will also show all your steps, runs, bike rides – and any other activity your Garmin captures. 

As every athlete knows: what gets measured, gets mastered! With the combined power of VAHA and Garmin, you can accurately track your training successes and milestones, giving you the motivation to push even further. Because the more insight you have, the more effectively you can train, and celebrate every little victory.

To help you live a healthy lifestyle, your VAHA will show not just your training progress but also any health data that Garmin records. For example, your sleep data integrates into your Journey, so you can track what your rest is doing for your fitness. Then there’s the stress, activity and recovery measurements Garmin’s Body Battery™ captures and analyses for you. 

Knowing how your energy reserves are spread throughout the day lets you make the right decisions about how to train and recover. And you’ll quickly find out which routines are truly boosting your sleep and recovery times, giving you more energy for the day. Genius, hey? 

 You can use this feature with all Garmin watches – unfortunately it’s not available for the Garmin heart rate chest strap (HRM Dual). 

I want to join the VAHA community and get my free Garmin Dual HRM. What do I need to do?

1) Order your VAHA 

Order your VAHA and enjoy your 1st free month of VAHA membership.

2) Check your inbox

After 30 days, we’ll email you a personal link to claim your free Garmin Dual HRM or discount. 

3) Choose your Garmin device

With your personal link you can order your free Garmin heart rate monitor or get a discount on other selected Garmin wearables.

4) Track your training

Connect your Garmin device to your VAHA via Bluetooth and start training with awesome insight and analysis. 


Which Garmin wearables can I redeem my voucher for?

Venu 2S (colours: grey + slate, tundra + champagne, mist grey/silver, rose gold + white, rose gold + white, leather)

Venu 2 (colours: blue granite/silver, black/slate, black + slate, leather)

Venu Sq (colours: slate/slate, white/light gold, orchid, black/slate, light sand/rose gold, captain blue/light gold)

Lily Sport (colours: gold/white, gold/light sand, orchid/deep orchid)

Lily Classic (colours: bronze/paloma, gold/black, gold/white)

Forerunner 245  (colours: black/red, white/black, black/aqua)

Forerunner 245M (colours: black/slate, black/merlot)

fēnix 6S PRO (colours: rose gold w/white band , black w/black band, slate gray w/black band)

Can I use my personal link multiple times?

Sorry, each link is unique and can only be used once.

I’m not using a Garmin device. Can I integrate other wearables into my VAHA Journey?

Right now you can only integrate Garmin devices.

What is Garmin Connect?

Garmin Connect is the tool for tracking, analysing and sharing health and fitness activities from your Garmin device, either on your mobile or the web. As soon as you finish an activity you can analyse it in detail – with automatic uploads. This simply presented data will let you take your training to the next level.

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